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We focus on propelling production capital, re-focusing the production process and re-aligning its financial viability in a competitive creative marketplace.

There has been an ongoing trend of poor transparency and business conduct within the Entertainment Industry, with the often coined phrase “Hollywood Accounting” often cropping up as a reason why creatives across all sectors seem to receive less residuals then they are due.  Resources are often spread thin in the Independent Sector and held close as guarded secrets instead of encouraging a culture of shared growth and community. 

Since the pandemic, the Independent Film Sector declined from a market share of 15.9% in 2020 to 5.9% in 2021 throughout the US and Canada.  Meanwhile, the growth within the Major Sector increased from 74.2% to 79.2%.  Investor confidence within the Independent Sector has taken a significant hit as a result and therefore we have seen significant production and fundraising stagnancy across all genres.

So we sought out a better way.  A creative’s journey is much like that of an Entrepreneur in many ways.  It’s high risk, high reward, and is coupled with an unwavering resilience to keep on pressing play.  The journey, although fruitful, is often tiring when alone - it’s important to find shared inspiration and community.  Despite its current challenges, the Independent Film Sector equally has many opportunities.  With this in mind, I co-founded IndieGO™ in 2022 with my good friend and business partner Jon Altham.  Founded as a solution to an industry pain point, IndieGO™ removes the stagnancy of the filmmaking process and re-imagines a post-pandemic entertainment industry.  We aim to accelerate early stage film development, pressing play on independent production.

Since launching our first MVP to known industry contacts we received demand for a £100M fund at a completion rate of 271% and 135% for a £200M fund. We were oversubscribed within 2 days of our private launch.

Given the success of our private launch, it solidified the importance of the role of an EP in a the post-covid industry.  Productions now need to think more competitively about their business structure, financial forecasts and operation plan.  With investor confidence already reduced, this is essential in order to get your production considered for funding.

At its core, IndieGO™ is positioned at the forefront of innovation, allowing creatives to dream and accelerate their creative potential.  We’d love for you to join us on this journey.  Contact us below:

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