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Joaquin Camilo is a multifaceted talent in the world of film and arts. Founding Calor Humano in 2018, Joaquin ushered a wave of transparency, inclusivity, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence into the industry. Under his leadership, Calor Humano rapidly produced and delivered 4 independently financed films in less than three years, marking its presence in the industry as a force to reckon with. Recognizing the need for evolution, Joaquin steered the company towards executive production, today trusted with a catalogue of independent films.

Not limiting himself to just one venture, Joaquin went on to establish The Film Vault in the UK. With this forward-thinking company, he is revolutionizing the independent film sector, leveraging the potent combination of Artificial Intelligence, data, and analytics to aid filmmakers in their financial decisions. His proficiency in translating intricate data into engaging narratives has cemented his position as a trusted advisor for filmmakers aiming to secure finances.

Joaquin is most recently collaboration with Wolf Run Rogue. As a producer with this full-service production house, he is now crafting captivating commercial content, raising the bar for aesthetic and storytelling standards in the realm of commercial film.

Whether it's in front of the camera, as an actor with significant credits across various commercial projects, or behind the scenes, Joaquin's passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence resonate in every endeavor he undertakes.

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