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Decorated Soldier Major Benjamin Jackson has difficulties transitioning back into society after serving 20 years in the U.S. Army.

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A young teacher suffers from a deadly brain tumor which allows him to witness visions of a young girl's unsolved brutal murder twenty-five years in the past; with the help of the victim's sister he must solve the murder before they become the next victims.

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Four alcoholics flee rehab in Minnesota and confront the destructive nature of addiction as they pursue their half-baked plan to escape to Mexico.

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Inspired by a terrifying true story, LIMBO is a thriller about eight young friends who descend upon a house in a secluded, upscale lake community for their annual New Year's Eve weekend getaway. They look forward to a few days of relaxing, drinking, and reminiscing. 
But their laughs quickly turn into screams when three masked men break into the house and force everyone to the ground at gunpoint. The savage men ransack the house; there, seemingly, for a quick score. But the longer the intruders linger, a more ominous endgame is revealed, and it becomes clear to everyone that the last night of the year could be the last night of their lives.

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